Does a Rabbi always bless kosher foods?

I eat kosher food. It’s prepared under Rabbinic authority along with a Rabbi ensures it meets the needs of the kosher diet.

There’s much more to eating kosher than simply a Rabbi’s blessing and actually there is no requirement for a Rabbi  to bless food to make it kosher. Actually, Rabbi’s don’t bless food.

The individual on the point of take in the food will offer you a blessing before and frequently once they eat.

The items we buy at the shop have a hechsher or perhaps a symbol that shows these to be kosher.

They are such things as canned items, packed mixes, frozen meals etc, things like Coke and Sprite don’t have a hechsher but we all know they’re kosher. Some meals we eat like fruits and veggies won’t have a hechser. Yet, we purchase them, bring them home and inspect them according to Jewish law, prepared them once we wish and if we are prepared to consumer them, we are saying a blessing after which eat them.

We don’t mix milk and meat and despite the fact that the meat have a hechsher (unless of course you’re a shochet who slaughters and butchers their own creatures) and also the milk have a hechsher (unless of course you’ve your personal cow) so both of them are kosher, we won’t eat them simultaneously.

Throughout passover, something could have a normal hechsher so it’s kosher but it’s not kosher for passover so we don’t consume it until AFTER passover.

Rabbi’s blessing your meals are not part of kosher law.

Answer (Yahoo Q’s) By: Feivel

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